SB telah pun menghubungi pihak ICJ & INTERPOL untuk membuat laporan terhadap si bedebah Ricky Nathaniel.
Kita nantikan jawapan dari ICJ & INTERPOL. Padan muke ko Ricky Natang!


  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=toK73C3ilNI - Angel Marcos - GIDIFA / Edilberto del Carmen partner Tu-e Capital sudah ditangkap pada 8 Disember 2017 yang lalu.

  2. Careful with this Dato' Zahari new scamming friend. This scammer called himself Dato' whose I believe a good title in Malaysia. This Dato' also call himself as a Judge. Same goes to another link bastard Thana Balan P Jaganathan with Global Oil 57 and now Yida Construction (Overseas) Pte Limited. This Thana is the same as the stupid Judge title with Dato' Zahari. They will take money from the victims and runs away.

    From the outside, they will say they have so many things, constructions, hospitals, oils, shits and bastards. Inside, nothing, zero. They will put up offices, mostly virtual office with long outstanding payments or using other people's small office. Try go to their offices, they will meet outside, in hotel or other places. If you do constructions, one JCB should do a great job, but nothing, blanks. This bastard even spread complete nonsense bullshit on constructions.

    Dato' Zahari and the group scammers with Nataniel who is clearly fake judges are now having fake offices in Hong Kong, China, and now even Indonesia. Careful with their appearance, they will dress up nicely and ask for money. Pictures are also very impressive. So do not believe all this. Do check throughly.

    Now they put Yida Construction. The real Yida Construction is also making losses and almost bankrupt. These monkeys now depending on this fake company to collect money. The website is also free website. They talk investments but know shits about it.


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